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Everyone is recovering from something: mental illness, trauma, addictions, physical difficulties. Students and staff are able to support because we have the personal experience to understand. Our approach is that those with ”lived experience” offer the most useful support.

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Our services are completely free and no referral is needed. We offer classes, support groups, and mentoring for people in recovery by people in recovery. Our services are open to anyone interested in improving their lives.

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Enrollment is painless. Choose the class or support group that you are most interested in and arrive 15 minutes early. No referral is needed; simply complete a one-page demographic sheet and an 8 question survey.

Words from our students

I have not attempted to hurt myself since I’ve been coming to this group.

Welcome to Recovery Academy!

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We at Recovery Academy are proud to serve a traditionally underserved population in the Grand Rapids community–those recovering from addiction, trauma, and persistent mental illness or other illnesses.

Our mission is supporting recovery through education, support, and advocacy.

Following this mission, Recovery Academy has impacted the lives of over 500 participants in the greater Grand Rapids area. Each week, our program offers a wide variety of classes, activities, and support groups that are tailored to the individualized needs of participants.

Recovery Academy’s focus is on abilities, not disabilities. We help people discover their strengths and develop new ones to create a meaningful life.

All of Recovery Academy’s programming is offered free of cost to anyone interested in improving their lives. No referral is necessary and all that is needed is the motivation to grow and help others grow.

Recovery is tough enough.  We can help!

We’ve been there, we know how difficult the recovery journey can be.  We also know the rewards. Join us for an adventure in recovery. The recovery journey is unique for each person, but along the way, help is available. This is what the Recovery Academy is all about. Here, you will find encouragement, knowledge, inspiration, hope, and personal growth at the academy.  Our staff and fellow students will help you explore your options and teach the tools you need.