We offer a variety of recurring classes here at Recovery Academy. Most classes run for 6 weeks and classes meet once a week for an hour and a half. Students are welcome to attend multiple classes and may begin at any time. To join, simply find a class and arrive at our office 15 minutes early to complete a short survey.

Read about our classes below, and see our current schedule of classes.

Building Confidence and Self Esteem in Difficult Times

Difficult times are part of the human experience;  these experiences influence our outlook on life and how we view ourselves.  Learn how to turn negative messages into positive with techniques and skills that you can use to build your confidence and self-esteem.

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Building Relationships

This course will explore the meaning and value of relationships and how to create and develop healthy relationships.  We will explore:  why relationships are important, indicators of a healthy relationship, places to find and how to meet people, challenges, and the impact of personal trauma.  No one person is an expert on relationships, the format involves targeted questions and input from the group.

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Fear, Forgiveness, and Boundaries

Giving up feelings of fear and harboring of forgiveness can be one of the hardest things to do. This class will help define and overcome the role fear in your life and understand what forgiveness is really about. Learn how to create safe and effective boundaries and when to trust.

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Feeling Depression

Depression can be overwhelming.  Let’s break down the elements and find our way back to health, learn about its symptoms, ways of coping, and the importance of believing in your recovery.

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Handling Anger

Anger is one of the primary emotions, along with happy, sad, and afraid.  We all get angry…the problems arise when we express our anger in an impulsive, aggressive or violent manner.  Learn strategies to express anger in an appropriate way.

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Skills of Self Management

Skills of Self-Management will teach skills that will contribute to overall wellness.  Self-management involves three basic components:  understanding ourselves, creating plans, and putting our plans into action.  Topics include:  problem solving, self-esteem, interpersonal communication, stress management, nutrition, fitness, and personal planning.

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Stand Up Speak Out

Learn skills that will help you to effectively advocate for yourself and others. Topics include: communication, mental attitudes, self-advocacy, citizen rights, the public mental health system, serving on boards of community groups, and how to address legislators.

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Stop Blaming Myself

Learn why negative self-talk prevents the fulfillment of dreams and how to take the steps we need to replace the negative with positive. Using the power of collage, we will create and explore our recovery journey with individual validating statements.

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Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP)

Discover the things you need to keep well and identify triggers or signs that things may be getting worse.  With this knowledge, you design skills and tools to move forward in your recovery, as well as creating an Advance Directive. A WRAP can be used by anyone for any life issue; mental health, physical health, substance use, weight control… most anything!

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